Each journey has its own, unique mission, making it totally different from the preceding ones. The participants always work closely with the Ascended Masters, who “reside on the other side of the veil”, to complete the tasks required to change the world on some level. All of the journeys have spiritual agendas that fulfill a higher purpose. Individuals who sign up for these journeys “hear” the call of their souls. They step forward because of their individual soul's contract, and they come ready to do this higher work in service to the planet. These journeys continue

to this day, with full enrollments on each trip.

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Spiritual Journeys
Bringing Forth God’s Divine Plan on Earth

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Since 1993, Ascended Master Kuthumi has sent hundreds of messages to Dr. Norma J. Milanovich, that detailed exciting, complicated, even dangerous journeys (at times), that were

necessary for fulfilling God's Divine Plan on Earth. For more

than 20 years, Athena Leadership Center has led thousands

of Light Workers on these excursions. Miracles have resulted

on numerous occasions in some of the countries, and even

became “business as usual" on a few of the journeys.

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